First things first: there’s being anti-social and being anti-social. We could be talking about the kind where you’re cutting lines and calling strangers names for no reason, but we’re not. This is all about the kind where you decide to retreat for a while and put all social interactions on a lower level. But humans are social animals, right? So why is it then, that withdrawing yourself from social activities is actually good for you? The answers are here.

Being anti-social can really boost your creativity levels

Creativity is nothing more than making sense of the internal mess we all have inside our heads and then giving it meaning by expressing that mess. Being alone gives you the time to observe and reflect. And yes, science proves so too. Bowker and some other smart-asses wrote a paper that linked unsociability to creativity.

Get back on track

Lost ya focus there, huh? Well it might help to isolate yourself for a little. Your brain gets the active mental rest it was longing for the whole time. A little daydreaming goes a long way as well, and we all know that is best done in solitude. Daydreaming helps to increase memory and understand other people’s emotions. On top of it, spending some time alone is good for developing an uncluttered vision or getting grip on important things, such as your life path.

Become more self-aware

Leaving the world for what it is, is top notch when it comes to your self-awareness. Think about it: you’ll have all the time to reflect on your behaviors, thoughts and feelings so eventually you’ll know a lot more than people who choose being social over being anti-social.

Give your spirituality and intuition a chance

Spending time alone gives you the chance to form your own views. There’s no-one there to distract you or blur your vision with theirs (which doesn’t necessarily has to be a bad thing, but ok). You can thoroughly overthink everything and create a vision that truly fits you. And did you know being a lone rider does great things for your intuition as well? You get the chance to take everything in as it’s supposed to – no distractions – so you’re more likely to make connections from within, which you can use to judge future situations more accurately. Just let your intuition do the talking.

Best friends 4 life

More time with you, means less time with other. Is that a bad thing? No. Why? By cutting down your social time, you get to see what and who really matters to you. You also get to find out who really does care. Might seem a little scary at first, but it leaves you with the best of people and the best of quality time once you do get to spend time together. Your friendships will be more solid and healthy, which works wonders for your happiness.

Smart networking

Here goes the same, actually. The anti-social tend to be much more deliberate when it comes to networking because they simply don’t feel like investing a lot of time in relationships that are just not fruitful. And, really, if you think about it – why would they?

Keep your mind calm and healthy

Picture this: you, a bathtub filled with hot water, a bath bomb and surrounded by scented candles. You got relaxed just by reading the sentence, didn’t you? Don’t worry if you’re not blessed with having a bathtub in your house – reading a book or watching your fav series can do the calming-your-mind-trick as well. It all comes down to the following: our current world has become so fast paced that peace and quiet has become scarce, so you’ll have to treat yourself to it consciously. Otherwise, you’ll get drained and exhausted in a heartbeat – especially if you’re introverted or highly sensitive. On a regular day people nowadays have to process 30 times the stimuli, then people in primal times. And no, our brain has not evolved to keep up with all of this. You do the math.

You know what to do, babe. Take that precious anti-social alone time and relax the hell out of it.