I think the internet is pretty much drowning in articles about how to stay in the moment. They’re interesting sometimes, I’ll give you that, but there’s already something up on the blog about how to be present, so I’m not gonna bore you out with even more content on being here and now. Why don’t we talk for a little about why it is that staying in the now benefits you. More precisely, why does the ability to be in the present moment do so much good for your future?

Get your future goal

It might seem like a good idea to think a lot about how you’re gonna get what you want for your future, and it is on some level. The key here, like everywhere in life, is that you shouldn’t overdo it. You can think and think and think about something, but it’s a fact you will never be able to foresee the outcome of anything. While it’s good to prepare for what might be coming your way, it is the action that actually is gonna get you there. By acting in the now, you will be living in your perfect, imagined future way, way sooner.

No self-sabotage

By staying right here, chances are high you’re keeping more of an open mind towards the future, simply because you’re not imagining or expecting things. This means you can enjoy all the wonderful surprises life has in store for you. Also, you’re not ruining any of them by unconsciously attracting trouble – you’re not thinking of trouble in the future, so it will not happen. Finally, you can live life!

Save some time

If you learn how to stay present, that’s gonna help you to hold on to your focus in the future. You will not lose any time anymore by ruminating the past or romanticizing what’s to come.

Trial and error

By just being here and acting in the present, you’re probably gonna fuck some shit up. The good thing about that, is that you have some entertaining stories for when the birthday party is getting a little bit boring. The other big plus about making mistakes? You are not going to fuck up on the same thing ever again. Hence, a better future.

Stay cool as hell

If you’re already a seasoned now-liver, you know being present keeps you relaxed and chilled. You can use your mindfulness skills – yes, ladies and gents – in the future, when you encounter stressful situations and whatnot. You will be able to not let them get to you and just keep on vibing.