We all do it and we all feel bad for it. And yeah, we basically should, because to ghost someone is a terrible (sometimes even heartbreaking) thing. In general, the ghostee is left behind dazed, confused and whatnot. However, there are times in life when going M.I.A. on someone is totally OK. Wanna know when you are allowed to say bye, Felicia without actually saying bye, Felicia? Then read on, honey.

I don’t even know ya

After a while, saying hey and asking how eachothers day was, can become really boring. Especially if you haven’t met up yet. If conversations fail to progress and stay at a superficial level, then why bother to keep it going? If there is no headway now, then imagine how long it would take for you to meet up with this person who may or may not end up being a catfish. Don’t waste your time, girl. Since there wasn’t any real talk after all, there probably will not be any real heartache.

Disaster date

There’s no real use in pursuing things when the first date is an utmost disaster. So, if you get the creeps if you only remotely start to think about that past first date experience, feel free to ghost.

Take a hint

If someone just keeps rambling on and doesn’t stop contacting you, while you don’t give them anything but short, meaningless answers and never initiate anything, vanishing into thick air could just be your perfect solution. There are of course, more mature ways to go about things like this, but sometimes they just won’t work.

Hard to get is hot, being an asshole is not

When your on the receiving end of the blunt, superficial and uninterested communication, then you might have a feeling of what is up here. Save yourself the trouble and start ghosting. You don’t need a relationship with a jerk that only contacts you when it suits him, do you?

No = no

If the dude keeps on pushing you into anything you don’t want (whether it’s a date, conversation or whatever) and you feel uneasy, ghosting sometimes is your last resort. You’ve said no a bazillion times, but they won’t take it. There’s a good chance you’re dealing with a but-no-means-yes-right kinda guy, and that kind of men is dangerous. In these cases, the old saying applies: “Speech is silver, silence is golden”.

Stalker alert

When things go next level and your intuition tells you the person you’re dealing with might be some sort of a stalker, then don’t hesitate even a second. Just protect yourself by ghosting them. Your own safety and well-being should be a priority at all times. Any form of interaction could be perceived as a green light, which is the last thing you want to give them. Plus, it’s really hard to rationalize with people like that, so just don’t.

Rude boy

Insulting people, crossing someone’s lines, sending dick pics – things like that are never OK. You don’t owe someone like that anything, so please don’t feel guilty and simply withdraw. Of course, it all depends on the kind of relationship you’re in. If it’s an important one, then you could consider talking things over, but if it’s not then step away quickly.

Red flags everywhere

If your intuition tells you to run, then you probably should. It’s telling you all about this person’s red flags. Feeling uncomfortable, unsafe or threatened is never a good sign, so ghost away immediately. Manipulative and aggressive people are best to be avoided, even if they were in your (real) life before. If people are manipulating or abusing you, then how genuine is their interest in you anyway?

You can ghost when life happens

Sometimes, the timing of life just gets in the way and serious shit causes you to perform the silent act. If you like this guy or girl and he or she is really the one, then they will understand and not exile you for it. 100%.