As an introvert, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, because why the hell would you? Isn’t it way more soothing to just keep up the wallflower game? Yes, it is. However, sometimes it comes in bloody handy to stand out a little. For example, when you’re planning on going after your dream job or a hot dude. So, here are a few tools and rules to use if you need to sweep some people of off their feet.

Don’t do it if you don’t like it

Remember: you don’t ever have to do anything. There’s always a choice. The way to stand out in a crowd is to radiate fun. And let’s face it – you’re not gonna radiate fun if you’re not having it. So you might as well choose the things you like. A little side note though: you need to keep the greater good in mind. You still need to go to job interviews if you want that perfect job, whether you like them or not.

Put on your lucky pants

You’re far more likely to seem at ease and confident if you actually feel like it. What better way to establish that than with a striking outfit? Just make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel good, pretty and secure. If you can’t think of anything, I just got you the perfect excuse for a shopping spree.

Body language is the best language

Although your natural body language in a crowd might be arms crossed and a smacked face, it might help you when you decide to relax a little. A smile and open posture is way more inviting and on top of that you will notice your mind come at ease too.

It’s the outside that counts

Of course it isn’t, but you can’t deny a solid exterior will help you find some sort of confidence. Like said before, a decent outfit will do half the trick and a good posture – shoulders back, stand up straight, firm handshake – will account for the other half.

Get chatty

Take some courage and start talking to people. Yes, talking with strangers is exhausting and yes, talking with strangers is terrifying. However, once the awkwardness is overcome, it’s probably gonna be really refreshing and confidence-boosting so go for it.

Be authentic

Try not to worry to much what the others would think. Of course, this is easier said than done, but once you do you, people will notice your quirkiness and will love you for it.

Know your pro’s

How can you stand out if you don’t know what to flaunt? Exactly, you can’t. So, first things first. If you don’t know what makes you unique (in a good way), then start by asking your friends what good qualities make you you. Once you know what other people like about you, you can start and exploit the hell out of those things.        

Speak up

Tell ’em what keeps you busy and what you stand for. True, it is scary to reveal your beliefs, but remember that new ideas and voices have a great chance of being appealing to other people. Be honest, sincere and confident and sure to rock their world.

Listen and stand out from the crowd

In a world full of people who just talk and talk and talk it can be really exhilarating to have someone just listen to you. Not the obeying kind, but the paying attention kind. What’s in it for you? Aside from the connection you’re building here, you might learn a thing or two.

Keep on going

One of the greatest keys to success is stamina. While you’re probably not gonna get noticed your first try, there’s a good chance you will on your second or third. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out right away. Just keep on goin’.

Be here

Don’t let yourself drift away in daydreams (which is known to be a quite common introvert trait), but make sure you’re in the now. By being present, you will make a powerful, lasting impression on those surrounding you.