How many times have you passed upon an opportunity just because you felt the moment’s long gone already? If I’d get a dollar for all the times I haven’t done or said something just because I felt it was too late, I wouldn’t be living in a shared apartment anymore, trust me. Sometimes, I decide to just leave it and deal with my regrets, just because I think there’s nothing left to restore anymore. Boy, am I wrong…

Start livin’

Ok, you’ve practically been a wallflower your whole life. In family gatherings you said nearly nothing and when everyone was dancing they’re asses off at that amazing party, you were standing in the corner, sipping drinks and maybe talking to a person or two (if you were really feeling it that night). How weird would it be to be twerking on stage all of a sudden or to have a deep convo about your views on life with your aunt? A little weird, maybe, and you’re colleagues, family and friends are probably going to have a little talk about it (which is gonna be like: “Wow, how outgoing was Christina last Saturday?”, and how bad is that?), but you’ve  had the time of your life, right? Point is, you don’t have to stick to what or who other people think you are. Be yourself and show them differently.

Get educated

You’ve been to high school, had your college degree, so you’re done, right? There’s no way you could start some kind of new education, cuz you’re old now. Plus, you’re living the working life these days, so there’s no room for anything else anymore. Wrong. You can always quit a job and start studying again or do both at the same time if you’re feeling powerful. But wow, then there are the average aged students who will think you’re the odd (or just old) one out. And yeah, you kind of are. However, they’ll also think you’re interesting and experienced. All of a sudden you’re the cool and mysterious one. Instead of feeling like the ugly duckling, you could also reap the fruits of that and feel like a little Messiah.

Work, work, work, work, work

Deep in your heart, there’s a gentle voice suggesting you want something else. Why would you change jobs though? You’ve spent so much time on being where you are right now, you kinda like it and it pays your rent and Friday night gin tonics, so it’s only logical you don’t wanna give up on it just like that. But what if you could follow your passion, or at least do something that works towards your true goals? Wouldn’t that be way more satisfactory?

Family matters

Whether it’s about the people around you or all about yourself, it’s never too late to spread around some lovin’. Your old lady or man will be exhilarated with the attention you’re paying to them right now, in comparison to the old days when you never told them anything and stayed in your room without speaking a word for days. This love is not called unconditionally for nothing. Starting to love yourself can also be done at any given moment. Yeah, it’s a shame if you haven’t done this before, but even if you’re a little late to the party, it doesn’t matter. All the positive vibes will benefit you, regardless of how bad you treated yourself in the past.

The ex effect

Are you eating yourself up from the inside out because of all the things you wanted to tell them, but just didn’t? It might feel a little awkward to still do it a year after you should have, but there’s a good chance there’s only benefits coming from it. Don’t expect a full blown romance after all, but the least that can happen, is that you’ll leave yourself with a feeling of closure, satisfaction and peace. You’ve always been wondering what would happen if you just had the balls to speak up and once you do, you’ll know. Time doesn’t really play a role in this. Afraid they’ll think it’s weird you’re telling them something from the heart? Just imagine how you would feel about a genuine trail of compliments or other things. You’d probably think it’s endearing or at least very courageous, so why wouldn’t they? They’re human too, you know. Just imagine that with every step you take.


Yeah, you’ve poisoned your body with all the alcohol and drugs and spent countless saturdays in bed with takeaway junk food. You might feel like a disgrace to humanity, but most of us did once. You’re not lost all of a sudden you know. You’re not gonna end up alcoholic, obese or addicted to drugs like your mind will maybe sometimes lead you to believe. There is still time to squeeze in a workout and a quinoa salad every once in a while, which will do wonders to your body (and mind). You’ll be amazed at your body’s healing powers, once you decide to take the fitgirl track. So don’t feel guilty for enjoying some of the bad every now and then. You’ll be able to restore your health. Just make sure you don’t overdo the bad. It’s all about balance.

Around the world, around the world

Shit, you’ve spit out a chewing gum on the ground, so now you’re a barbarian and the world will come to an end just because of you. See how ridiculous this is? Of course, bad environmental behavior is nothing to be encouraged, but even if you decide to do something that’s bad for your surroundings, there’s always the next moment, when you can decide to do something good. Ok, you past might not have been medal worthy, but every step you take towards a better environment is important. How bad would it be if you’d still be throwing trash on the ground or using plastic cups in 2024? Worse than if you’d be stopping it as of right now. Exactly, now is never too late.

It’s hard and scary and maybe even against your nature to change; you’ve always been that way. In Western society, people tend to view others as weak when they have a change of heart. There’s even names for it: twister, dodger etc. If you really know who you are, there wouldn’t be any need for that, right? Plus, there’s a strong tendency for people to comply with past behavior. Once you’ve committed to something you’re probably gonna stay committed to it. Why? Well, because Western society is usually gonna label you as a weak ass bitch if you don’t. I think, truth is, that being a human being is equal to being in constant flux (a lot of ‘being’). Therefore, having a change of heart equals power and courage to me. You’re not having any of the ‘if you’re changing your mind you’re a weeper’ kinda bullshit. For me, not having the courage to adapt your views (to circumstances, situations or whatever) is similar to stubbornness, which is not necessarily a good thing and maybe even worse than weakness if you ask me.