Daydreaming is often associated with counterproductive and unhealthy things. It’s distracting – even frustrating sometimes – and it can make you less happy. You should rather be in the now, right? Yes, but being in the moment and mindfulness are glorified to a large extent as well. Sure, it is good to take in and enjoy as much moments as you can, but is it really so bad if you don’t sometimes? No, it isn’t. Why? I’ll give you that in a sec. Actually, I’ll give it to you right now.

Daydreaming gets the creativity going

Giving your mind a little break, can lead to great things. Don’t we all recognize those moments in the shower when it all of a sudden becomes very, very clear? When you’re stuck on a creative task – let’s say you’re having a serious case of writer’s block – it helps to just do something else and let your mind wander for a while. When you come back to the main task, you’ll probably have a ton of enlightening insights.  

Frankie says relax

Daydreaming has a lot of similarities with meditation, guided imagery and hypnosis and therefore the effects could be similar as well. It could cut out stress by slowing down your heart rate and breathing. You have to make sure tho your daydream is a pleasant one. Thinking about all the shit you have to manage tomorrow will get you nowhere; fantasizing about a relaxing vacation to the Hawaiian tropics however will most likely be effective in easing your body and mind.

No problemo

Going off for a little daydream gets you into a trance state that will enable your subconscious to tackle problems that the conscious mind just can’t. The inspiration you retrieve from mind wandering will lead you to see solutions you wouldn’t have seen without those snoozing moments.

Hey smartypants

‘Aha’-moments and intuition are accessed when you allow your mind to take a trip here and there, because it enhances personal awareness and understanding events and other people. Oh, and did you know that daydreaming enhances your memory too?

Happy camper

Yeah, daydreaming can make you less happy, but that’s only the case when you partake in negative, self-focused and ruminative daydreams. When your mind is at a happy place, you’re more likely to be happy too. Daydreaming of a loved one will even cause you to feel less lonely in real life.

Goal getter

Just picture yourself pursuing your ultimate goal and you will get it. In this daydream you’ll be simulating all events very lively, with flaws and all. It’s like rehearsing what’s gonna happen in real life, so when it actually happens you’ll be prepared and you’ll know exactly what you need to get where you wanna go. Caution: insert a good amount of realism in your daydreams, because if you let in the fantasy too much, it can lead to disappointment.

Dream it away, baby girl.